Sitemap - 2023 - EXTRACTIONS

Per Hour — The Eternal Question (an oneiric read-along)

a quicksilver interval lodestar tonic

beautiful question (lost-&-found home recording #8)

freedom (lost-&-found home recording #7)

tree run

put on what you wanna (jackpot! sessions 2001)

frozen cache: a pic-triggered recollection that merely scratches the surface

10-Day Room (since cassette demos 1997)


William and Emily (spoon river demo)

Chariots of Yore

Stayed (deterior demos)


Thursday the Ninth (an oneiric composition read-along)

Incident on a quarry road (an oneiric composition-accompanied perusal)

Tradition (lost-&-found home recording #6)

Cereal Serial 2 (a spray of popped memory bubbles)

bilocate — part eight (there you are then again)

continue (oneiric composition twenty-seven)

Hand @ The Hem (since cassette demos 1997)

Odd Days — part two

Odd Days — part one

Progress (lost-&-found home recording #5)

stationery destinations: Montana rock hound

Your Directions (oneiric compositions thirty-four, nineteen & twenty-three)

Department Store Cabal

Slept (since cassette demos 1997)

Bilocate — part seven (lighten-up & go thrifting for subterranean stars)

Cereal Serial (historic modesty & stolen fate) — an oneiric composition Read-Along

Amends (lost-&-found home recording #4 & acoustic rough pluck) — in patterns

Bilocate — part six (room number excursions in commemorative prophecy) & oneiric composition One

Bilocate — part five (room number countdown to jingo-time)

Brief & Boundless (since cassette demos 1997)

It was like a movie. — act seven: The Great Switchout! (& read-along scored w/ seven oneiric compositions)

taxing tales & oneiric compositions

Allegiance (lost-&-found home recording #3)

Ollie McGee (spoon river demo) — a cappella & electric autographs

Bilocate — part four (the winged, the legged & the devoured between)


suggested feeding & shingles shots

Once (since cassette demos 1997)

Bilocate — part three (back off the job)

Believer (since cassette demos 1997)

Bilocate — part two (back on the job)

Bilocate — part one (minor demolition)

The Lost Treasure of Yinzer™

Meaning (lost-&-found home recording #2)